O.S. OS 55AX Max with E-3070 Silencer

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Designed to combine maximum power with razor sharp throttle response in the smallest possible crankcase, the 55AX has the same mounting dimensions as the popular 46AX above, but an increase in power to 1.70PS. The dramatic AX fin styling is used for optimum cooling and the rearward angled needle on the the type 40J carb makes adjustments safer. Perfect for sport, scale and aerobatic models.

Weight: 404g (524g w/silencer)
Propeller Range: 12×7-8 13×6-7
Displacement: 8.933cc (0.545 cu.in)
Bore: 23.0mm (0.906in.)
Stroke: 21.5mm (0.846in)
Power Output: 1.75PS @ 16000RPM
Practical RPM: 2000-17000


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