O.S. OS FS-95V w/F-5050 Silencer

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The first in a completely new series of four stroke engines aimed squarlely at the sport and scale modeller.

Stying is deliberately ‘retro’ and in keeping with the style of the very first OS four strokes. The original FS-120 had twin rocker covers and so do many full size engines in older aircraft. But ‘retro’ stying does not mean ‘retro’ technology! The FS-95V is a sophisticated piece of kit, delivering strong power and torque and offers a cost effective alternative to the FSa-81.

The 60P carburettor is a twin needle design for great throttle response and reliable idling. There is nothing worse than having your engine ‘cough’ at the wrong time when you really need a reliable response. The FS-95V will give you that pice of mind and respond just when you want it. That is why so many discerning modellers choose OS time after time!

There are many models designed for .61 2-strokes/.91 4-strokes and the FS-95V was created with that in mind. She will fit in anywhere that an FS-91S does, so model compatibility is not an issue. The added benefit, is far better silencing from the new F-5050, baffled, twin chamber silencer with an O-ring seal between the cast sections and variable length header pipe. Flexibility of silencer outlet position is well suited to scale installations and there are a variety of optional header pipes too, that will cater for just about every model.

OS has always been at the forefront of safety, and continued use of a lock nut system for the propeller retention on the FS-95V is proof of this.

The new ‘V’ series of OS four stroke engines is here and setting the industry standards yet again.


Weight: 592g (20.9oz)
Propeller Range: 13×7, 13×9, 14×6, 14×8, 15×6, 15×8
Displacement: 15.59cc (0.95cu.in)
Bore: 29mm (1.142″)
Stroke: 23.8mm (0.929″)
Power Output: 1.7 @ 10,000 rpm
Practical RPM: 2,100 – 11,000


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