O.S. FSa-72 II with F Silencer

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The O.S. FSa-72 II is the latest version of this popular sized, high-performance four-stroke engine. Updates include a revised oil breather system which now vents from the crankcase rather than being re-ingested in the inlet to improve the running consistency. The rocker cover is now black in order to improve the appearance of the engine when fitted to a scale model.

The FSa-72 II sharing the same mounting dimensions of the previous generation aswell as the older FL-70 and FS-70U making it a simple bolt-in replacement. The compact external dimensions and power/torque means it is ideal for most types of model designed for .46 2 strokes or .70 4 strokes. Like all the FS series the FSa II engines use a super-smooth carburettor with anti ‘spit’ inlet and an ultra-quiet silencer. If you have a flying filed ‘noise’ problem, then this is the engine you need for your average sport model. The 61N carburettor provides both linear and fuel efficient mixing to gain you reliability and precison control at all RPMs.

• Revised oil breather system
• Black head for use in scale models
• Ultra-quiet silencer included
• 61N carburettor
• 1.2PS of power!

Glow Plug: O.S. F Type (Inc.)
Weight: 530g (18.69 oz)
Capacity: 11.79cc (0.719 cu.in)
Propeller Range: 12 x 7″ or 12 x 8″ (Sport)
Propeller Range: 14 x 6″ or 14 x 7″ (Scale)
Bore: 27.0mm (1.063″)
Stroke: 20.6mm (0.811″)
Power Output: 1.2PS @ 12,000 rpm
Practical RPM: 2400 – 12,500 rpm




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