XFly Glastar Bush/Trainer 1233mm V2 – Due 9 Jul

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XFLY Glastar 10 x 6 (2-BLADE) Propeller

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XFly Model has designed a recognizable colour scheme for the GlaStar V2 and equipped it with thicker air-filled tires and a reinforced aluminium land- ing gear strut. The upgraded power system, including an uprated motor and a 40A ESC, is compatible with both 3S and 4S LiPo batteries that meets RC pilots’ need for more power, speed and longer flight times up to 10-15mins.


  • Designed with a larger wing to provide a low wing load to deliver short takeoff and landings (STOL)
  • Made from lightweight durable composite-reinforced EPO
  • Unique oversized pair of air-filled tires that deliver great bounce and rebound resiliency. These wheels make hard or uneven terrain landings/take offs possible
  • Recognizable color scheme for GlaStar V2
  • Upgraded power system compatible with 3S or 4S LiPo batteries for more power, speed and longer flight times

Requires TX/RX/Batt with EC3 1300mah-2200mah/Charger to complete.


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