O.S. OS FSa-155-P

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The biggest engine in the 'Alpha' series has been designed with both aerobatic and scale modellers in mind. 

The pumped fuel system deals with the demands of aerobatic fliers who demand consistent power in any attitude and is tolerant to variations in fuel tank location. With consistant fueling, the FSa-155-P then goes about its business of delivering that stunning 2.6PS of power when you demand it. But that is only part of the story. The strong spread of torque down the RPM range allows a wide variation of propeller loads to suit both aerobatic and scale modellers alike by 'picking up' cleanly and strongly as the throttle is opened and being tolerant to those different propeller loads.

With mounting dimensions identical to 1.20 class engines, fitting the FSa-155-P as a power upgrade is pretty simple.

Finally, there is flexibility in the silencer mounting method through use of the optional exhaust headers combined with the standard silencer itself.

With the legendary OS quality and longevity, it is easy to see why top pilots choose OS time after time.

Weight: 805g (28.4oz) W/O Silencer
Weight: 95g (3.35oz) Silencer
Displacement: 25.36cc (1.548cu.in)
Bore: 33.6mm (1.323in)
Stroke: 28.6mm (1.126in)
Power Output: 2.6PS @ 10000RPM
Practical RPM: 2000 – 10000RPM


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