SAITO FA-62B 4-Stroke Engine


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Product Features
• Updated version of the FA-62A.
• Revised parts – Crankcase, Engine Gasket Set, Cam Gear Housing and Cam Gear Shaft.
• .62 cubic inches of power in a .56-size case.
• Integrated head transfers heat more easily and evenly. 1-piece cylinder head allows engine to run cooler.
• Installs easily in all .40–.72 models.
• True chrome AAC cylinder lining.
Product Description
Packing 62 cubic inches of power into a .56 size case, Saito engineers have once again come up trumps with an easy power upgrade for most 50 size models. The lightweight FA-62B also suits a wide variety of .40 – .72 models.
The FA-62B engine is only 6 grams heavier than the .56, offering a better power-to-weight ratio for modelers interested in glow engine power systems.
Displacement: 10.24cc
Bore: 26.2mm
Stroke: 19mm
Practical RPM: 2,000 ~ 11,500
Weight: 420g
Prop: 12 x 6in ~ 14 x 6in
Cylinder: AAC
Power: 0.95HP
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